How many times have you thought about the size of your stomach today? 
(Or your thighs, or your chin.)

How many calories have you calculated?

How many mirrors have you avoided?

Let me guess: 

You can’t even count. Because it’s a never-ending stream of chatter in your brain.

It’s exhausting. It’s depressing. And worse than that, it’s a waste of time.

Your bad body image isn’t just a mental and emotional bummer. It’s impacting EVERY area of your life.

  • You aren’t showing up with your brilliant ideas in that important meeting because you’re thinking about how your skirt is too tight.

  • You’re turning the lights off during sex and refusing to let your partner go down on you because you don’t want them to be disgusted by your body.

  • You’re missing out on travel adventures and memories because you don’t want to have to wear shorts or a bathing suit.

The UnF*ck Your Body Image Master Class will teach you how to stop hating your body and holding yourself back. Because life is too short for this sh*t. 


I know what it’s like. Because this used to be me.

I hated my body from the time I was conscious of it.

I tried EVERYTHING. Dear god, I really did.

Diets. Cleanses. Fasts. Nutritionists. Personal trainers. None of it worked.

Because none of it was addressing the true cause of my problem:

My negative thoughts about my body and myself.

I wanted to lose weight to be happy and feel good about myself. But it never seemed to work.

It wasn't until I discovered life coaching and body positivity that I figured out WHY.

I had the equation wrong. I thought if I changed my body, my thoughts about myself would change.

But my self-loathing thoughts were what kept me stuck.

The same is true for you.

Think about it. Were you thinner at some point in the past than you are now? Most of us were. Were you happy back then? Did you feel completely confident and proud?

Nope. Because you had the SAME F*CKING THOUGHTS BACK THEN.

Your weight does not cause your happiness or misery. It does not cause your insecurity or your confidence.

Your thoughts do.

If you want to love your body, you cannot starve, purge, or exercise your way there.

You have to change your thoughts.

Whether you want to love the body you have or change it, you have to change your mind first.

This body image coaching is magic, but it’s not a magic bullet. 

But I know it can be done. Because I’ve done it myself. 

I’m not a unicorn, I promise.

I’ve taught the same process I used to so many other women, and they have had the same results.

Read for yourself: Here’s just a sampling of the body image victories my clients have shared with me and on social media:

Kara’s body image work has really helped me to realize that my body and I are on the same team and that how it looks doesn’t really indicate my worth. Definitely a work in progress and the negative thoughts do visit sometimes, but my body and I are friends now and my mind is much less susceptible to the thoughts that used to drag me into a downward spiral of self criticism and guilt, leaving it more free to do things that are actually useful!


I used to spend a lot of time dressing to make myself look thinner and thought that was loving my body. But then if I caught an ‘unflattering’ picture of myself, I would be so upset. Working with Kara on body-image was such a game changer for me. Instead of worrying about having to look a certain way to feel good about myself, I’ve love how I look at all times. Learning how to love my body also changed everything for me with dating – I was divorced at 49 and worried that nobody would want to date a fat, middle-aged woman. Working on my body image gave me the confidence to get out there and really enjoy dating – and I found an amazing new partner in the process!


UFYB completely changed my life and the way I look at my body. I had struggled much of my life with bullying, eating disorders, obsessive exercise and anything you can imagine relating to body issues. Kara has shown me a completely new way to look at myself and has freed up so much of the mental drama and abuse I had become accustomed to inflicting on myself.  This work will truly blow your mind!


Usually this process is available only to my private clients. But it’s too important to share with only a few women. Which is why I am teaching this one-time-only special event:

The UnF*ck Your Body Image Master Class.

In this recorded class and accompanying workbook teach you the same powerful and exclusive methods I use with my private clients to literally rewire their brains so that they can eat normally, like what they see in the mirror, enjoy and love the bodies they have – and get on with their important work in the world!

You will learn:

  • The biggest mistake you are making when you try to motivate yourself to eat or exercise differently.
  • How to do a visual detox (the only detox I will ever recommend), a scientifically-proven way to improve your body image immediately.
  • Specific thought-change techniques created for body image and dissatisfaction.
  • A foolproof way to create authentic gratitude and connection to your body.
  • A mind-blowing reframe that will change how you relate to your body forever.
  • The ultimate powerful question you must ask yourself every day in order to change your body image permanently.

This work is a five-figure investment for my private clients.

But you can learn and apply it now for $149.

When you sign up you will get immediate access to:

*The two-hour video class.

**A 27-page BONUS workbook with exercises to implement what you learn.

***A BONUS video with my answers to all the questions asked when I taught the class live.

You can spend another year hating your body,
trying to fix yourself into self-love, and failing miserably.

Or you can sign up for this class and change your body image – and the rest of your life – forever.

So sign up now. Take notes. Practice what I teach. And your life will change.