Say no more, I’m IN.

Self help books—and your mom—are all, “Just be more confident!”

Um, ok, but HOW? Is there a button somewhere behind my ear that sets off the confidence boost and I’ve just forgotten to press it every day for my whole life?

Cue: The 5 Day Confidence Challenge.

It’s not a magic button but it definitely works—with a serious dose of science and a hefty serving of side snark.

Over the course of 5 days, you’ll be given daily prompts with concrete exercises, practices, challenges, and tools that are rooted in cognitive science . . . AKA they’re designed—and proven—to literally rewire your damn neural circuits and change your thoughts.

In layman terms? 

You’ll shake free from insecurity and create a new level of self-confidence that’ll knock your tits off. (I’m sorry, breasts. Knock your breasts off.)

You’ll also get access to a private Facebook group with hundreds of other women going through the challenge. It’s like an unruly squad of support and celebration for this new life you’re building, one challenge at a time.

Once I started using the tools the Challenge teaches I started noticing changes to the way I felt straight away. I have much more energy; I wake up earlier and feel really excited about each day. I have completely stopped procrastinating and being paralyzed by overwhelm. I’ve been checking things of my to-do list that have been there for three years! My relationships have improved and I am no longer reading into things – instead I am able to validate my own self worth, which has been revelatory!  I can truly say that I feel really proud of who I am and my accomplishments and this is making me approach life in such a different way.

I cannot overstate how absolutely life transforming this has been for me, and in such a short amount of time. This simple technique to change my thoughts has revolutionized my life, my happiness, and my health, and more importantly, taught me a tool I can continue to apply to any area of my life.


I’m Kara, and real talk:  I was a self-critical, insecure, anxious and over-achieving mess for decades. It wasn’t until I discovered coaching and learned how to coach myself that I was able to put together the cognitive psychology that I knew could rewire my brain with the feminist values that informed my life.

The result was the ability to actually match my feelings and actions to my beliefs.

I figured out how to use neuroplasticity (the brain's ability to change neural patterns) to my advantage to create the feelings of confidence, worth, and independence that I  had wanted for so long. And holy shit does life make a ton more sense now. Not just because I experience this liberation in my daily life, but because I get to teach women the tools of their own liberation. It’s like a double whammy of badassery. (Should I trademark that?) The point? I’m really thrilled you’re here.


Learn firsthand how to rewire your brain and then watch confidence, empowerment, happiness, resilience, and fearlessness roll up into your life.