UnF*nk Your Brain

The feminist blueprint to mastering your mind and getting the life you want.

Spoiler Alert: It’s possible to believe you’re worthy, capable, and ready to have the life you want.



Or as I call it, unf*cking your brain.

(Hold up, don’t close the tab - this is NOT some kind of The Secret/Law of Attraction bullshit, I promise. Sure, I’m a life coach, but I’ve got a B.A. from Yale and a J.D. from Harvard Law, so I am not about to waste your time with some manifestation nonsense.)

I know you. Well, not you, you. But hundreds of “you”s—as clients, friends, as the woman looking back at me in the mirror. I know that you want to feel:

  • Bulletproof at work
  • Seriously desirable in dating or your relationship
  • Calm and grounded with friends and family
  • Happy with your body (like actually into it. Gasp!)


WRONG, actually. And that voice in your head that whispers (or yells) that this is asking too much or wanting more than you deserve is a perfect example of internalized social conditioning.

That same voice is what causes so many incredible, high achieving, feminist women to feel anxious and insecure instead of confident and empowered.

And that’s not just unfortunate, that’s f*cking unacceptable.

SO. It’s time to scrap the vague affirmations and vision boards. And the unconvincing “positive thinking.” And the insulting self-help books (if you wanted to be told to withhold sex to get a man, you could ask your grandma for advice). And even the endless therapy sessions that sometimes provide insight but never seem to teach you how to take any action to actually change shit in real life.

Instead? How about a concrete, smart, and serious methodology that you can start applying right now to retrain your brain and change your life.


Introducing: UnF*ck Your Brain™

A six month, exclusive, group coaching program that combines cognitive-science-based techniques with feminist principles to teach you step by step how to get from insecurity and anxiety to believing you're a badass b*tch.

This program is all about teaching women how to overcome social conditioning and their own critical self-talk so that they can feel confident and empowered to go after whatever they want in life.


That promotion,
that partner,
that body confidence,
that family.

WHATEVER IT IS - no more limitations, imposter syndrome, people-pleasing, fear of disappointing everyone, or anxiety.

It’s one thing to believe in empowerment, but it’s another thing to actually FEEL empowered. With all the sexism and misogyny around us, it’s easy to feel defeated. But turning on yourself with self-criticism isn’t the answer—and neither is walking around filled with rage. You need to learn how to channel that passion, how to commit to your goals and banish those mean voices in your head.


Because the revolution starts with you.

Hear about how unf*cking your brain first hand...


You believe that you should be paid as much as the men in your office…but can’t muster the courage to ask for a raise.

You value independence…but obsess over being liked.

You want to feel confident and empowered…but often go to bed feeling anxious, insecure, and inadequate instead.

You know that your insecurities are holding you back...but you don’t know how to get over them.

It’s confusing, but only because you don’t know what’s happening inside your brain. 

So what’s going on in there?

Two things. One, you’ve got deep social conditioning and insecurity. Two, you’ve got your values of empowerment and equality. The problem is that in the heat of the moment, that deep social conditioning usually wins out, because it’s so ingrained.

Here’s an example from in the wild:

You’re at work. Let’s say in a brainstorm meeting. A guy on your team makes a sexist joke. You think, “Woah. that joke was sexist, and it’s fucked up that men still make those jokes in professional settings. I should say something so they know it’s not ok.”

But you also instantly have another powerful thought: “If I say something it’s going to be awkward and people will think I’m a bitch.”

And the fear-based thought wins out almost every time. It’s what determines your action—because principles are no match for emotions.

So if you want to be able to match your beliefs and your actions more often, you have to learn how to recognize and change the thoughts that are causing the disconnect.


And, that’s exactly what this program is designed to do.

Over the course of six brilliance-packed months together, I’m going to break down why you feel this way, how your brain got like this, and what the hell to do about it.

I’m going to teach you how to revolutionize the main areas of your life: your relationship with yourself, your body, your friends & family, and your love life.

Or in other words, you’re going to learn how to UnF*ck them.

Another Success Story...


Note: You always start with Month 1, but the order of the other months will vary based on when you join the program.

Month 1: UnF*ck Your Brain

Up until now, you've believed everything you think. That means your brain has been running you, instead of the other way around. In this first month you're in a micro-group bootcamp, where along with 7 other clients I teach you the basics of managing your mind and changing your thoughts. It's super small for even more personalized attention as you get the hang of the coaching model that will change your life.

Month 2: UnF*ck Your Self

You know who is going to be with you forever? Yourself. And you know who you're the most critical of, meanest to, and neglectful of? Yourself. Your relationship with yourself determines your experience of every single moment of your life. And yet most of us pay it no attention. In this month you'll learn how to create a positive relationship with yourself, on purpose, so that you always have your own back and can always count on yourself and care for yourself in all the ways that matter.

Month 3: UnF*ck Your Work World

Hard truth: you can’t run the conference room if you let anxiety and insecurity run the show. Instead, learn how to be your own best work buddy, mentor and advocate so you can shake off that fear of failure once and for all and show the hell up in your career. Imposter syndrome will be a thing of the f*cking past.

Month 4: UnF*ck Your Love Life

You. Are. Worthy. Of. Love. (Picture me clapping in between each word for emphasis.) And it’s time to believe it. Drop the conviction that there’s something wrong with you, ditch the habit of taking other people’s behavior personally, and most of all, overcome your fear of rejection...because that’s the very thing that’s keeping you from having the relationship you want, whether you’re one date in or married for 20 years.

Month 5: UnF*ck Your Body Image

No more treating your body like a project to be completed or a problem to be fixed. Learn to treat your body like a home. Expand your idea of beauty, learn to love what’s in the mirror, and feel sexy in your skin forever. And if you do want to make healthier choices, it will be 100 times easier once you’ve learned how to like your body the way it is.

Month 6: UnF*ck Your Relationships

It may feel counterintuitive but the best way to enjoy your family and friends more is to learn how to put yourself first. Once you learn how prioritize yourself and set boundaries without stress or drama, you’ll naturally build relationships that feel loving and free. People-pleasing and over-thinking begone! Bonus: You’ll easily let go of the ones that are draining the life out of you.

What if you could finally....

Negotiate for that raise . . . and feel 100% confident that you deserve it.

Say yes or no to sex based solely on how you feel . . . without worrying about what your partner will or won’t think.

Set calm and loving boundaries . . . with friends and family.

Accept your body . . . and find it beautiful the way it is.

And as if that weren’t enough, you *also* get six months free in my podcast community, The Clutch, where you get access to bonus podcast workbooks and episodes every week, plus daily thought work prompts to help you stay engaged! 

If you are already a Clutch member and you signed up for a full year at once, not to worry:
We will credit six months of your membership towards your investment in UFYB!


And believe me, that’s the most remarkable breakthrough you’ll ever feel.

I’m Kara, by the way and I know this liberation firsthand...which is why I’m so fired up about sharing how to get there.

I’ve been a feminist for as long as I can remember. In fact I’m pretty sure there were some very indignant middle school newspaper editorials about gender equality with my name on them.

I’ve always believed that women deserve to be paid as much as men. That we shouldn’t care more about other people’s desires than we do our own. That we shouldn't have to be in a relationship to be socially acceptable. That our bodies are not objects for other people to judge.


but emotionally, I didn’t FEEL them.

I believed that the pay gap was a problem . . . but I was scared to negotiate for a raise.

I didn’t think I should have to have a boyfriend to accept myself . . . but I secretly worried I was unlovable.

I wanted to love my body . . . but I spent a lot of time criticizing it and hating it.

I wanted to believe I was entitled to decide how to spend my own time and energy . . . but I still felt found myself prioritizing pleasing other people over my feelings.

It was stressful and confusing.

I was basically a professional feminist for a decade and I believed my talk…but I couldn’t quite seem to walk my walk. It wasn’t until I discovered coaching and learned how to coach myself that I was able to put together the cognitive psychology that I knew could rewire my brain with the feminist values that informed my life.

The result was the ability to actually match my feelings and actions to my beliefs.

I figured out how to use neuroplasticity (our brains' ability to change neural patterns) to my advantage to create the feelings of confidence, worth, and independence that I wanted and had long believed I should have

And holy shit does life make a ton more sense now. Not just because I experience this liberation in my daily life, but because I get to teach women the tools of their own liberation.

It’s like a double whammy of badassery. (Should I trademark that?)

And because I ain’t ashamed to sing my own praises (a refreshing side effect of believing in yourself), here’s what people love about my coaching style + services:

  • I’m a mix of coach, friend, wise elder, and hilarious smart-ass.
  • My superpower is getting to the heart of the issue, clearing away everything else, and providing compassionate, no-bullshit guidance.
  • I make all of this heavy stuff light and fun. But don’t mistake that for frivolous: We’re creating serious change here.
  • I’m a Master Certified Coach, so I’m familiar with the woo, but I have a heavyweight educational background too (with degrees from Harvard + Yale). The result is a balanced program that’s super-fun but with a seriously legitimate backbone.

Other Success Stories...

What do you say we record over those self-critical thoughts and social conditioning you’ve absorbed over the years? Because that negative soundtrack you’ve got running in your head isn’t true or real, but it’s influencing every decision you make.

Let me be clear though, this is NOT for everyone. 

I fill this premium coaching program selectively, with women who are philosophically aligned with this program’s mission and who are ready and willing to do make the investment of time and resources and do the work to change their lives.

If that sounds like you, click here to fill out an application and tell me a bit more about yourself. It’s the first step towards mental and emotional freedom.


Because being a woman can be a mindfuck. And it’s way past time to flip the bird to self-doubt, insecurity, and the patriarchy—and then flip the script on your life.


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