Welcome to the feminist
mindset revolution.

Kara Loewentheil, J.D. | Master Certified Life Coach

Applications for the Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching are now open!

You believe deeply in women’s empowerment…but you don’t always feel empowered. 

You feel a nagging disconnect between your high-achieving life and the insecurity and anxiety that plague you. 

People would say you have it all … and yet you don’t feel like you’re


Or, rather: UnF*ck Your Brain. 

Because that’s what this space is all about— overcoming social conditioning, triumphing over life’s challenges, and transforming the self-critical thoughts that are stressing you out and undermining your confidence (and goddamn happiness).

Whatever you want to change in your life: 

  • Whether it’s getting a new job,
  • finding love,
  • making peace with your mother,
  • or just getting to the gym consistently

—it all starts in your mind. And it can all start right now.

Lemme be clear —this isn’t some sort of manifestation, law of attraction bullshit.

It’s cognitive psychology-based techniques + insights from feminist theory that lead to ridiculously rapid change.

In other words, a mind-blowing way to uplevel your life.

Let me introduce you to:

Join the feminist revolution: The Clutch.

The Clutch is an online feminist coaching community where you can learn and grow alongside hundreds of other women who are learning to liberate themselves from doubt, insecurity, and anxiety from the inside out.

Hi, hello! My name is Kara.

Yes, I’m a life coach—a Master Certified one at that. And no, that doesn’t mean I’m a woo-woo divine-feminine channeling goddess seer who spins law of attraction BS.

Basically I’m a fun, non-judgmental combo of wise elder, feminist mentor, and hilarious best friend . . . except I give way better advice than your friends do. And I actually teach you how to act on it.

Kick-ass Clients

  • My life after working with Kara? I speak more directly, I don’t second-guess myself. I’m able to make decisions without over-thinking. I’m able to make mistakes without it meaning anything about my self worth and value or success as a woman. I’m pursuing dreams I’ve long avoided: playing piano again, applied (and got!) a promotion at work, trying my hand at writing and watercolors. I even did a boudoir shoot! And I have a new personal policy that if something terrifies AND excites me, then I have to do it. Plus, I can’t remember the last time I’ve woken up in the morning with the cloud of nebulous shame and anxiety that I had gotten used to living with - and that may be the best part of it all.

    Nicole V.
  • I am so excited about living the rest of my life knowing how to manage my mind and, frankly, do what I want! I’ve learned from Kara that a good life isn’t about certain circumstances or even feeling bliss all the time - it’s about how you think about the world because that trumps everything else. I am so excited now for what’s ahead of me and am not afraid of struggle because it is now my friend. Working with Kara gave me the female companionship, support, guidance and mentorship that I never knew I needed.

    Dian M.

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