Do you like big groups of new friends, lots of resources, and the freedom to figure out your own process? (Think: Coachella for thought work, but with less glitter).

The Clutch is for you.

Do you like small group conversations, in-depth guidance, and high-end experiences? (Think: An intimate black-tie concert with Yo-Yo Ma).

UFYB is the way to go.


The Clutch is an online feminist coaching community where you can learn and grow alongside hundreds of other women who are learning to liberate themselves from doubt, insecurity, and anxiety from the inside out.

In the Clutch you lean how to spot the impacts of socialization on your brain and how to literally rewire your neural pathways in order to create most positive, confident, and productive thoughts about yourself. The Clutch is like your favorite college society – a place to meet hundreds of other women who are engaged in this work and to create daily accountability and structure for your own thought work. You will draw on the wisdom of the community and get to know yourself – and like yourself – more than you ever have before.
Daily thought work prompts, weekly podcast workbooks and discussion, and monthly live coaching calls – however you want to engage, you can create your own pace and experience. The Clutch is ongoing and affordable, because feminism is for everyone and because thought work isn’t a fad – it’s a liberation lifestyle.


UnF*ck Your Brain is the master course in managing your mind. A high-end, high-touch, and small-group experience designed to create intensive rapid transformation for feminist women who are truly ready to invest and work at a deep level.

In UnF*ck Your Brain you don’t just learn the basics of how to coach yourself. You learn a literal library of self-coaching tools to cover any occasion, situation, or relationship that you may encounter. In this application-only group program you work closely with me as your coach and teacher and get my individualized expertise and guidance. You also get the incredible opportunity to learn from witnessing the coaching and deep work of a small hand-picked group of other women who are on this journey with you.
Bottom line: There’s no substitute for being coached and learning from coaching done by a master, and that’s what UnF*ck Your Brain offers. Add that to a library of coaching tools for every area of your life, and it’s truly the only program of its kind in the world.